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Air Jordan 11 Performance Analysis and Review

Hey guys I just wanted to say that sometimes I have weird dreams. Sometimes I dream. That he is me. You’ve got to see that’s […]

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Nike Kyrie 5 performance review

The Nike Kyrie 5 performance review is ready, just in time for the upcoming Best Basketball Shoes of 2018 list. Stay tuned. We’ve seen herringbone […]

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Adidas Harden Vol. 3 Performance Review

At a recent media event held in Houston, James Harden took questions from a group of reporters during an appearance at the Adidas store at […]

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Nike Pippen II 2 Retro Peformance Analysis and Review

*Sorry I struck out again with the Kobe I Protro. Lebron Solider XII next possibly . Sorry been really busy* You know it’s hard out […]

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adidas crazylight 2018 performance analysis review

This is a short and sweet review because the CLB 2018 is the 2016 version with a different upper material and less heel slip. So […]

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adidas Crazy Explosive PK 2017 Performance Analysis Review

I know everyone and their mothers loved the Crazy Explosive 2016 last year but they just didn’t work for me due to the placement of […]

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adidas Harden Vol 3 Performance Test

The adidas Harden Vol 3 performance review is here and its one of the best basketball shoes of 2018. Herringbone. Herringbone everywhere! My only complaint here is that the grooves of […]

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Jordan Jumpman Hustle PF Performance Review

Every day I’m Hustlin’! air jordan 33 has brought some nostalgia back bringing back a team shoe, for this case, the Jordan Jumpman Hustle PF. […]

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Nike Kobe IX 9 EM Performance Analysis and Review

Yawn…anything good out there? As I finish up catching up with the entire Kobe line, I figured I might as well finally get around to […]

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adidas Harden Vol 3 Performance Review

Love him or hate him, one thing’s for sure: James Harden has his own unique style, both on the court and off. Looking to capitalize […]

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